What can you transfer?

Almost anything....VHS, VHSC (PAL & NTSC), BetaMax, Video8, Hi-8, MiniDVD, MiniDV, Cinefilm (Super8 & Standard 8mm), Slides, Photos & Negatives.

If it's not listed give us a call and we'll see what we can do to help.

How do you transfer cine films?

We have invested in equipment from the USA that means we can transfer your reel to DVD using frame by frame image capture. This method is far better than the standard process of projecting the image on a wall and filming the results.  Included in our transfer price is colour correction, a chapter point for each reel (so you can easily navigate your DVD), royalty free music and minor editing (including titles.)

How do I know how long my cine-film footage is? And What type of Film is it?

Generally, there are three sizes of reel;

  • 3" reel runs for about 4 minutes
  • 5" reel for 15 minutes
  • 7" reel will hold 30 minutes.

We only process 8mm & Super8 film, so make sure you don't have 9.5mm or 16mm first.

How many hours of footage can you fit onto a DVD?

We can fit a maximum of 120 minutes (x2 hours) of footage on each DVD.

How can I get my footage, photos and memorabilia to you?

You are very welcome to drop by our studio in Lenwade, Norwich, or you can post them to us.  We would always recommend that you use registered post and we'll do the same when returning your originals to you by post.

Can you put photos onto a DVD?

Yes.  We can scan in slides, negatives, original photographs or memorabilia and create a slideshow on DVD using our very high quality image scanner.  The images will be saved on the finished DVD enabling you to get the developed. Remember, it's not just photographs that we can add to a film as we can also scan newspaper clippings, letters and  certificates.

What equipment do you use?

We use a Apple's latest Final Cut Pro editing software with high specification iMacs and Sony Mc50e, Canon 70d & 600d Full HD cameras to get the sharpest detail on everything we film.

What areas do you cover when filming?

We will film at no extra cost anywhere in Norfolk and Suffolk. We can take bookings outside these areas but we reserve the right to make an additional charge for overnight accommodation if we feel this is required due to travelling distances or early start times, etc. We will always advise you of these costs before you confirm your booking with us.