What are your opening hours?2024-02-12T12:41:55+00:00

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. Saturday 9am-1pm.

However, if visiting the office, please call or email first to ensure we are available as we are often away filming other projects.

What format will I get the transfer in?2023-05-25T10:20:37+00:00

We offer a range of formats for the finished film. If you’d like a physical copy we can provide a DVD or USB, if you’d like it in a digital format we can provide the film as a .mp4 file which can be saved to the USB, uploaded as a link for you to download or hosted on our Vimeo site (with password security and at a small charge.)

Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Can I have extra copies of the transfer?2023-05-25T10:12:57+00:00

Of course! We are happy to produce extra copies in either USB or DVD format. The charge is usually an additional £10 per copy (unless you have a very large amount of footage, in which case the maximum charge would only ever be £20.)

We also offer a gift box for the USB at a total charge of £20.

Is a copy of the finished transfer kept?2023-05-25T10:15:49+00:00

We are happy to create a backup copy of your transfer to be kept in our archives here in the studio if you wish.  The charge is just £5 for this service and will mean, should you lose or damage your transfer, you have the peace of mind to simply call us and request another copy for the usual £10 charge.

Are there any copyright issues I should know about?2021-07-28T13:54:36+00:00

If the footage you want to copy/convert is commercially produced, legally we may only produce one copy for you (for your own personal viewing.)

If we would like to use any of your imagery for our own marketing, we will request this of you at the time and will need to obtain written permission to do so.

How many hours of footage can you fit onto a DVD?2021-07-28T13:54:09+00:00

We can fit a maximum of between 120-140 minutes (around two hours) of footage on each DVD.

How do I know how long my cine-film footage is? And what type of film is it?2021-07-28T13:54:20+00:00

Generally, there are three sizes of reel;

  • 3″ reel runs for about 4 minutes
  • 5″ reel for 15 minutes
  • 7″ reel will hold 30 minutes.

We only process 8mm & Super8 film, so make sure you don’t have 9.5mm or 16mm first. (To check, simply measure the depth of your film)

How do you transfer cinefilms?2021-07-28T13:54:47+00:00

We have invested in equipment from the USA that means we can transfer your reel to DVD using frame by frame image capture. This method is far better than the standard process of projecting the image on a wall and filming the results.  Included in our transfer price is colour correction, a chapter point for each reel (so you can easily navigate your DVD), royalty free music and minor editing (including titles.)

Due to the nature of the frame-by-frame scanning, unfortunately audio on more modern Super8 film can not be transferred.

What can you transfer?2021-07-28T13:54:56+00:00

Almost anything….VHS, VHSC (PAL & NTSC), BetaMax, Video8, Hi-8, MiniDVD, MiniDV, Cinefilm (Super8 & Standard 8mm), Slides and Photos.

If it’s not listed give us a call and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Can I post my films to you?2021-07-28T13:55:06+00:00

Yes, However, we would always recommend that you use registered post and we’ll do the same when returning your originals to you by post.

Can I visit the studio?2021-07-28T13:55:13+00:00

Of course! We encourage customers to visit the studio to drop off their precious films, however please do call or email first to ensure we are available as we are often away filming other projects.
The address is 12 The Street, Lenwade, Norwich, NR9 5SD

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