For over 10 years, Norfolk Film & Video Transfers have been converting treasured family films to DVD.

Using the best quality equipment we can help you convert all your old footage to DVD, USB or Online. Take a look through our Services section to find out more. You can rest assured that each project will receive a personal touch and we can work together with you to ensure you get the best results. Give us a call to make an appointment.

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We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, working together with you to get the best possible film.

  • Friendly & helpful
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About Us

Director of Norfolk Film & Video Transfers – Rowan Banks, has been providing a transfer service for customers since 2002.  You may have heard of the parent company Apricot Productions.
Rowan personally ensures each transfer is given the utmost care and attention and has the experience and customer service focus to produce an excellent product.

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Director of Norfolk Film and Video Transfers

Our Services

Check out the Services page for full details, and if you have something not listed, please contact us and we’ll try to help.

  • Cinefilm to DVD
  • Video to DVD
  • Slides & Photos to DVD
  • Digital to DVD
  • Footage to USB, Flash or Hard-drives
  • Duplication
  • Filming Events
  • Video Editing & Assistance

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What they Said

We pride ourselves on high quality customer service, here’s what our clients say

Thank you for your excellent work, the quality has exceeded my expectations and with the titles and background music I am pleased with the results. – Jack Wilton

Thanks so much for the Photo Slideshow film, we’ve watched it over and over, it’s AMAZING! – Janie & Rob Bilton

What an outstanding, professional job you did! I am absolutely thrilled! I knew it would be good but I had no idea of just how wonderful a job you could do. – Janet Monson


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  • Super8 Transfer

    Cinefilm Transfers

    Using the latest Frame-Scanning technology we convert Super8 and Standard 8mm cinefilm to Full-HD DVD.

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  • VHS transfer

    Video Transfers

    Analogue Tapes such as VHS, VHSc, BetaMax (PAL or NTSC), Video8, & Hi-8 video, all to DVD

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  • Digital Tape Transfer

    Digital Tape Transfers

    Digital Formats to DVD. Mini DV, MicroMV, MiniDVD Discs, USB, Hard Disc & SD Cards

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  • Video Editing Norwich


    Ask us to edit for you or visit the studio and we can work together. Adding titles, music, colour correction, “Highlights”

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  • Filming Events, Norfolk

    Event Filming

    Filming an event can capture some great memories and we can provide you with a lasting film.

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  • Slides to DVD

    Slides and Photo Transfers

    High Quality Flatbed Scanner for 35mm Slides, negatives, transparencies and printed photos

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Cinefilm transfers to DVD

The Retro-8 cine film transfer system produces a high quality frame by frame scan of your Super 8 or Standard 8mm cinefilm.

To fully understand the process, have a look at your film, you’ll notice it is made up of a series of images, usually about 18 images for every second of film.
So a 4 minute (50 foot) reel will have around 4,300 images, and by using the Retro-8 Frame Scanner, we ensure each and every cell is captured, recreating the perfect film without flickering.

A SafeScan feature means there is no contact with your film at the gate and rubber guide rollers handle the film by the edges for maximum safety.  Most films with broken sprocket holes, bad splices or shrinkage will be scanned with ease, with any required repairs or new leader free of charge.

The Retro-8’s Solid State Registration ensures a steady picture, usually accurate to within a single pixel.  The output is in full 24-bit colour, HD 1080p, 16:9.

All transfers receive painstaking colour correction, chapter points, a music underscore and personalised titles completely free of charge, there are no hidden fees.

Super8 Transfer

  • Cost

  • Size of reelSize of reel
  • Amount of footageAmount of footage
  • 50ft

  • £8*

  • Size of reel3"
  • Amount of footage4 minutes
  • 200ft

  • £32

  • Size of reel5"
  • Amount of footage15 minutes
  • 400ft

  • £64

  • Size of reel7"
  • Amount of footage30 minutes
  • 800ft

  • £128

  • Size of reel9"
  • Amount of footage60 minutes

* We have a minimum charge of £30 per project. Although you will only ever be charged for the amount of footage actually on a reel.
Please note, we are unable to provide transfer services for 9.5 or 16mm Cinefilm.
If you choose to post your film to us we strongly advise the use of a Registered/Signed-for service, we are happy to provide the same on return, and postage costs will be added.

Video Transfers to DVD

We realise how precious your video tapes are, and we work hard to turn regular video tapes into impressive DVD or USB formats. We can transfer virtually all types of video tape, including VHS (PAL or NTSC), VHS-C, Betamax, Video8 & and Hi8 to DVD.

Each film is provided with titles, scene selection and where obvious we edit out obvious mistakes (such as TV shows being recorded over the family films, and lens cap & floor filming.)

We try and ensure you have a fabulous DVD of the footage that you can watch again and again.

VHS transfer

  • Cost

  • Video

  • £30

    per 2 hours

* We have a minimum charge of £30 per project.
If you choose to post your film to us we strongly advise the use of a Registered/Signed-for service, we are happy to provide the same on return, but note postage costs will be added.


Digital to DVD

Footage from your MiniDV tapes, MicroMV,SD Cards, DVDs, MiniDVDs and Files on Hard Disc like AVI, MP4, Quicktime can all be transferred to DVD.

The digital footage is transferred to our computers where we scan through the film giving it a small tidy up, deleting any blank areas where the screen goes blank, or where you’ve left your lens cap on, filmed the floor etc. We then produce a DVD with a personalised menu including scene selection and titles.

We can also convert video from DVD to digital formats that can be saved to USB or hard drive. This is just £10 per hour due to the reduction in production time.


Digital Tape Transfer

  • Cost

  • Digital

  • £30

    per 2 hours

* We have a minimum charge of £30 per project.
If you choose to post your film to us we strongly advise the use of a Registered/Signed-for service, we are happy to provide the same on return, but note postage costs will be added.


Video Editing & Duplication Services

We have the latest software & hardware here at our studio in Lenwade, Norfolk.  We use Apple Mac’s Final Cut Pro for our video editing but are fully versed in other mediums, to help you create a wonderful film.

Perhaps your footage is a little “messy”? We can help by deleting footage of the floor or lens cap and adding professional titles, music and fixing colour issues. Even a Highlights montage can be created, compressing all the best bits of your footage into a exciting film.  These can be uploaded to the internet and password protected for you to share with friends and family.

We work with you to get the best results.

We can also provide DVD duplication services for both small and large runs.

Video Editing Norwich

Our rate is £15 per hour

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can give you an idea on the length of time required.

Photo & Slides to DVD

We also offer a high quality scanning service for 35mm slides, negatives and photos. The full, high resolution scans are saved in JPEG format on the final DVD (or output of your choice) and we also provide a Slideshow of the images backed to music so you can sit back and enjoy the images on your TV.

Every slide and photo is scanned using our high quality flat-bed scanner. The software also checks the lighting and contrast of your photo and alters it’s settings to compensate for under/over exposed pictures, as well as fixing any marks and scratches where possible.

Slides to DVD

  • Cost

  • Slides/Photos

  • 85p

    per scan

* We have a minimum charge of £30 per project.
If you choose to post your slides and photos to us we strongly advise the use of a Registered/Signed-for service, we are happy to provide the same on return, but note postage costs will be added.


Event Filming

Having an event filmed can be a great idea. You often miss many of the moments and having a film of the party or function can be a great way to relive the occasion again and again.  We can provide a Highlights edited film which will be very watchable and help convey all the key moments of the event.

Filming Events, Norfolk

Our rate is £200* per hour, per camera operator & £15 per hour editing. * – We have a minimum project fee of £400

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can give you an idea on the length of time required.


Can I visit the studio?

Of course! We encourage customers to visit the studio to drop off their precious films, however please do call or email first to ensure we are available as we are often away filming other projects.
The address is 12 The Street, Lenwade, Norwich, NR9 5SD

Can I post my films to you?

Yes, However, we would always recommend that you use registered post and we'll do the same when returning your originals to you by post.

What can you transfer?

Almost anything....VHS, VHSC (PAL & NTSC), BetaMax, Video8, Hi-8, MiniDVD, MiniDV, Cinefilm (Super8 & Standard 8mm), Slides, Photos & Negatives.

If it's not listed give us a call and we'll see what we can do to help.

How do you transfer cine films?

We have invested in equipment from the USA that means we can transfer your reel to DVD using frame by frame image capture. This method is far better than the standard process of projecting the image on a wall and filming the results.  Included in our transfer price is colour correction, a chapter point for each reel (so you can easily navigate your DVD), royalty free music and minor editing (including titles.)

How do I know how long my cine-film footage is? And What type of Film is it?

Generally, there are three sizes of reel;

  • 3" reel runs for about 4 minutes
  • 5" reel for 15 minutes
  • 7" reel will hold 30 minutes.

We only process 8mm & Super8 film, so make sure you don't have 9.5mm or 16mm first.

How many hours of footage can you fit onto a DVD?

We can fit a maximum of 120 minutes (x2 hours) of footage on each DVD.

Can you put photos onto a DVD?

Yes.  We can scan in slides, negatives, original photographs or memorabilia and create a slideshow on DVD using our very high quality image scanner.  The images will be saved on the finished DVD enabling you to get the developed. Remember, it's not just photographs that we can add to a film as we can also scan newspaper clippings, letters and  certificates.

What equipment do you use?

We use a Apple's latest Final Cut Pro editing software with high specification iMacs and Sony Mc50e, Canon 70d & 600d Full HD cameras to get the sharpest detail on everything we film.

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Thank you for spending the time to visit our website, if you would like more information or arrange for an appointment at our studio, please fill in the contact form below or call us on 01603 308000.

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